Our Services

Kemic Bioresearch provides research and consulting services primarily in the areas of pharmacokinetics (including data analysis, pbpk modeling and simulation) and toxicology (forensic, occupational, clinical and environmental aspects). Please contact us concerning how we may serve or contribute to your specific research project or investigation.


Kemic’s acclaimed courses in the biomedical sciences have been presented at various venues in Canada, the USA, the UK and Brazil since 1987. These courses have also been presented in-house (on site) for major pharmaceutical companies and government agencies (e.g. Health Canada’s HECSB / TPD).  Hundreds of former Kemic course participants are currently employed in the pharmaceutical industry, academia, government agencies and other organizations worldwide.

Pharmacokinetics Expertise

‘PK’ has been a long-standing, key consulting field of interest at Kemic Bioresearch. Services provided include:

  • PK data analyses and report preparation
  • PK modeling and simulations (re. dose selection, health versus disease, etc.) using PBPK models (existing or ad hoc creation)
  • the design and data analysis of bioavailability and bioequivalence studies
  • the composition (writing, editing) of PK/PD sections of product information documents (e.g. package inserts)

Toxicological Expertise

Recognized for scientific integrity, Kemic’s expertise in various aspects of toxicology has been widely utilized by the legal profession.  Our specific forensic toxicological interests and extensive consulting and expert witness experience include matters relating to:

  • impairment due to alcohol and/or other drugs particularly in the driving (DUI) context
  • determination of breath alcohol concentrations
  • urine drug testing
  • forensic pharmacokinetics/toxicokinetics
  • the interpretation of postmortem blood/tissue drug (xenobiotic) concentrations
  • the possible adverse effects of various xenobiotic substances in the workplace and the environment

Proper toxicological assessments require special insight based on extensive, multidisciplinary biomedical knowledge (e.g. physiology, immunology, biochemistry, pharmacokinetics, biotransformation in addition to toxicology/pharmacology per se) and experience as offered by Dr. Peter W. Mullen and other Kemic-affiliated  scientists.

Kemic also offers toxicological expertise concerning the increasingly widespread and highly controversial phenomenon of “MCS” (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). Worth emphasizing in this regard is that all chemicals are potentially toxic at certain (high) doses — a concept (“the dose makes the poison”) which was first elaborated by the 16th century Swiss physician and alchemist, Paracelsus.

“It is inappropriate … therefore, to speak of a separate class of ‘toxic chemicals’.  Toxicity is dependent upon the dose (amount) of any chemical.  It is not a peculiar inherent property of only certain substances.

“The ever increasing ability … of the analyst to measure substances at lower and lower concentrations (e.g. ppb or ppt), especially in the environment, leads a misinformed public to assume that ‘toxic chemicals’ are a ubiquitous cause of concern.  The mere detection of a potentially “nasty” chemical, however, does not imply that a toxic threat exists.”— Mullen, P.W. (1995) Forensic Interpretative Pharmacology & Toxicology, In: The Expert: A Practitioner’s Guide (Eds: K.M. Matthews, et al.) Carswell, Toronto p. 20-5